Why Field Maintenance Training Matters

Whether a baseball field is designed for little-leaguers or professional players, it should provide maximum availability, safety and endurance – not to mention look great. Field maintenance staff and volunteers play a critical role in delivering on all these requirements. Yet their knowledge, expertise and methods may vary, which can make or break a field.

Consistent, ongoing training is the foundation of any successful field management program. A solid understanding of current best practices across the team will ensure everyone is using the right techniques, products and tools for top field performance. With new or renovated fields, it’s especially critical that staff understand how to maximize the investment.

Take the guesswork out of staff training

It can be tough to keep maintenance staff up to date when there’s seasonal turnover and patchwork approaches to training. Bringing in the experts is an efficient way to get the job done right the first time. A professional training clinic will teach staff the essentials of field maintenance and more, including:

  • Installation and maintenance of home plate, edges and lips, and pitcher mounds
  • Field grooming techniques and equipment
  • Product uses and recommendations

Train now, benefit later

Building a team’s field maintenance expertise is an investment with long-term payoffs. When everyone uses the same proven processes, it avoids costly mistakes and optimizes fields’ playability, look and feel. Professional training can also boost long-term revenue by maximizing field availability after rain and minimizing maintenance costs.

Interested in professional field maintenance training for your staff?

With over 25 years of experience tackling the toughest ball diamond challenges, Mar-Co can help you and your staff become field management and maintenance experts. Call or write us to arrange to attend a clinic, or see marcoclay.com for more information.