Sports Clay Products by Marco Clay

Products proven on the field

Mar-Co sports clay products give you the most play for the least cost and maintenance. We’ve developed and tested each product to meet a wide range of unique needs when it comes to your baseball field, while ensuring they all offer easy installation and repair, durability, safety, and optimal drainage and water retention.

Your field will also look great when you build or refurbish with Mar-Co’s natural red sports clay. A professional-looking baseball field makes a difference, whether it’s for little leaguers, high school or college players, or major leaguers.

Sports clay products to meet every need

Infield Mixes

A range of performance-based mixes that deliver maximum play by optimizing drainage and water retention.

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Batter’s Box & Pitching Mound

Raw virgin field bricks and mound clay that are easy to use, durable, and designed for simple repairs.

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More custom blends than any competitor to optimize the surface of your existing field.

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Warning Track Materials

Baked clay surfacers designed to provide solid footing for warning tracks.

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Tools & Accessories

Bases, Anchors, Fence Guards, Line Markers, Nets & Cages, Pitching Rubbers, etc.

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Sports Sand, Tennis & Cricket Court Clay, Track Surfacers and Sports Field Pathway

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