Easy to Use, Hard to Break Down: The Benefits of Clay Bricks

Clay bricks deliver maximum play with minimum maintenance on baseball diamonds. For field construction professionals and groundskeepers, they offer easy installation and simple repairs. For players, the bricks keep batter’s boxes and pitcher’s mounds firm for optimal stability.

What are clay bricks?

The bricks used in building and renovating baseball fields are made from raw virgin mound clay compressed into blocks measuring 4” x 8” x 2.5”. To suit different projects, they come in two convenient package sizes: small sealed bags (8 bricks per bag) or bulk (320 bricks per skid with extra stretch wrap to maintain moisture). Either way, they are moist and ready-to-use.

Why use clay bricks?

Along with the right field mix, bricks are a vital foundation for a great field. They meet the requirements of all stakeholders with the following benefits:

Uncomplicated, quick installation

Prepackaged bricks come pre-moistened to allow for easy shaping during installation of pitcher’s pads and mounds, catcher’s boxes and batter’s boxes. Once they’re in place, they harden to create a firm footing.

Made to withstand wear and tear

Mounds and boxes are tough to maintain due to their high traffic – not to mention the impact of players that like to dig in. Designed for stability and durability, clay bricks create surfaces that don’t break down easily, which can reduce maintenance requirements and offer long-term savings.

Straightforward upkeep and repairs

After the mounds and boxes are built with bricks, regular maintenance and small fixes are simple with mound clay. It’s the exact same material as bricks, so it can be added as needed for top coats or repairs – with no mixing or matching required. Moisturized Mound clay has a putty-like texture that is easily manipulated yet still firm and durable. 

Want to learn more about building and maintaining your mounds and boxes with clay bricks?

With over 25 years of experience tackling the toughest ball diamond challenges, Mar-Co and one of our skilled dealers can help you get and maintain a high-quality ball diamond. Call or write us to find out how you can play more and fix less by using Mar-Co virgin clay bricks. See marcoclay.com for more information.