Clay Conditioner: Calcined Clay & Diamond Clay

Our Ball Diamond Conditioners are specifically designed to
enhance the characteristics or desired qualities of the surface of your diamond or field.

Whether your diamond is too soft, too hard, too wet or too dry,
Mar-Co Clay Conditioners will optimize your existing surface for better play.

Diamond Clay Conditioner

diamond clay conditioner

Mar-Co Diamond Clay Conditioner is baked clay, crushed and screened into a uniform range of sizes of 1/8" or less. It is an orange-red clay product specifically designed as a conditioner to heavy clays. Our Diamond Clay provides the correct drainage, texture and color, suitable for any size ballpark.



Nominal Size:
< 1/8"

Soft texture
Very high drainage
Good water retention

Field Usage
Amendment for heavy clays
Warning track

Maintenance Practices
Casual groundskeeping equipment & practices

Calcined Clay

pros choice bags

Mar-co Clay is a distributor for Pro’s Choice products. Pro’s Choice products are developed to be one of the most absorbent soil conditioners possible, by thermally optimizing montmorillonite to drive out all the moisture and enhance its natural porosity. No other conditioner in the industry has higher absorption rates or lasts longer on your field.

Download Pro's Choice Brochure

Target Amendments

target ammendments

Target Ammendments are custom blends designed to correct specific problems your field may have.

Materials Assessment Program logo

To determine which Target Ammendment your particular field needs, use our free Material Assessment Program (MAP) to assess the composition of your infield. MAP allows us to accurately assess your current situation and recommend a Target Amendment that will improve your field.

Diamond Sands

sports sand

Mar-Co Diamond Sands add texture and body (volume) to improve drainage.

We will establish the gradation based on lab analysis (MAP) so as to provide the amendment you need or the proper base for your infield material. Learn more about our Materials Assessment Program.

Clay Fortifier

clay fortifier

Mar-Co Clay Fortifier is a raw clay product which can be mixed into loose surfaces to firm up the area. Use our FREE MAP program to accurately determine the amount of clay fortifier you will need.