Batters Box and Pitching Mound Clay & Field Bricks

Mar-Co Field Bricks & Mound Clay products are designed to build or repair your pitching mound and batters boxes.

This raw virgin clay has been processed and packaged making it very easy to apply or store.

Field Bricks

field bricks

Mar-Co Field Bricks provide an alternative in the building of Pitchers Pads & Mounds as well as Catchers & Batters Boxes, offering an uncomplicated and quick installation. Mar-Co Field Bricks improve stability and durability for Pitcher's Pads and Batter's Boxes.

These bricks are comprised of Mar-Co Mound Clay compressed into a brick (4" x 8" x 2½"). They are compatible with existing clays and are easily maintained with Mar-Co Mound Clay.They come moist and packaged in either small bags (8 per bag; 320 per skid) or bulk (320 per skid with extra stretch wrap to maintain moist texture).

field bricks

Mound Clay

mound clay

Mar-Co Mound Clay is a virgin raw clay processed to a fine texture and is available in a dry or moisturized form. Moisturized Mar-Co Mound Clay becomes "putty-like" which allows it to be formed and shaped while retaining it's firmness and durability. Due to its bonding ability, it is very useful for building and maintaining pitcher's mounds and batters boxes.

Dry Mar-Co Mound Clay can be used as a binder to sandy materials.

mound clay

Home Base Blend

home base blend

Home Base Blend is a unique and special blend prepared for the home plate area. It has been designed to withstand the heavy traffic associated with this part of any playing field. This custom blend provides the proper texture and slideability needed and is available in dry or moisturized form.



Nominal Size:
< 1/8"

Fair drainage
Moderate texture
Solid footing
High water retention

Field Usage
Professional home plate area
Little league mounds
Mound construction

Maintenance Practices
Requires daily water, grooming and tamping