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Adjustable Batters Box Template T02500 (D8)


Adjustable Batters Box Template
Adjusts to:
[4′ x 6′][3′ x 6′]&[3′ x 7′]

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This Batter’s Box Adjustable Template allows you to adjust the distance from home plate to maintain regulation specifications. Meets all regulations for batter’s box layout.


-telescoping, push button construction (adjusts for 4′ x 7′ official baseball, 3′ x 6′ little league, and
3′ x 7′ softball)
-heavy-duty square galvanized steel construction
-home plate guide for easy alignment

Product Specifications

Construction: HD Galvanized Steel
Size: Adjusts to 4’x7′, 3’x6′, and 3’x7′

Additional information

Weight 21.2 lbs
Dimensions 61 x 29 x 3 in