Problem Solvers

Wet field causing rain outs

Tired of cancelling games and tournaments due to rain outs?

Try one of our infield mixes designed to manage water well, or apply one of our Target Amendments to your existing field recommended by our free MAP program.

Holes in the batters boxes

Every player likes to dig in the batter’s box; keeping it level and firm can be challenging.

Renovate this high-traffic area by removing the loose material and replacing it with Mar-co field bricks and mound clay. This firm pan of clay will slow down the digging and is easy to repair by adding water and tamping mound clay into the area.

Infield too hard or too soft

Do you find your field difficult to manage?
Do the players and user-groups complain about the consistency of the field?

Our free MAP program will help determine which Target Amendment you need to change the consistency of your field to achieve optimum playability as well as a surface that will be easy to manage.

High grass edge

Is the transition between your infield and grass outfield uneven?

Mar-co offers a range of services that can help you solve this problem. Our Construction crew can remove this lip and give you a crisp, edge, and a level transition. We can also train your staff in some good maintenance practices that will prevent this high edge from reoccurring.